Aero Surveillance leverages and combines knowledge in newly designed UAV platforms and advanced mission sensor technologies with the many years of experience our company has acquired in the development, commercialization and operation of airborne sensor processing technologies.
Aero Surveillance primary mission is to offer state-of-the-art airborne surveillance solutions and services for a wide range of government and commercial applications.

IRTS is a European Leader Designer and Manufacturer for Ultra rugged certified products like computer, panel PC, display, console with 15 years of experience and more than 11000 rugged products on the field. IRTS serves more than 90% in Military (Land, See, Airborne) for System Integrators. IRTS has developed its own range of Product that can be easily adapted to each program specific requirements.

IRTS brings to Aero Surveillance an important knowledge in system integration, rugged image walls and Ground control Stations (GCS).

Country: France

Organization Type: Companies


Solution de visualisation, systèmes informatiques embarqués, électronique durcie

 Moniteurs LCD renforcés
 Solution mobile de murs d'images
 Panel PCs ultra durcis & afficheurs multifonctions (MFD)
 Calculateurs de missions
 Consoles aéroportées
 Postes opérateurs de contrôle (GCS).